We value worship here at Community Reformed Church and our services consist of a wide variety of music, drama, stories, videos and other forms of creative arts. Our music, whether led by the choir, individuals or praise bands is intended to lead us into God’s presence and open our hearts to hear what He has to say. Other forms of art are also used to further express God’s truth within the worship setting.

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Worship is the action of acknowledging God's worth! Penitence, forgiveness, joy, a growth in Christian knowledge--all may and should happen while at worship, but all are results of the central meaning and action of worship: the acknowledgment of God's worth.


Worship is losing oneself during the encounter with God's greatness.

Worship deals with reality; it encompasses the entire week.

At the heart of the reality of worship is the worth of God, and we acknowledge that worth in action: in music, Scripture, confession, participation in the sacraments, the giving of our gifts, prayers, and silence. The ritual, or action, of worship is important because it is the pattern for life.

Corporate worship reflects God's worth in the reality of our calling to be members of the Body of Christ. Because we are all members of the one body, we come together on the Lord's day to worship as one.

“Directory for Worship” Reformed Church in America