Worship leader

The Worship Leader will provide leadership by encouraging and developing the gifts of people within the church in a way that will enrich the worship of God corporately. The Worship Leader works in partnership with the staff and provides oversight of all worship teams and adheres to CRC’s worship values.

The Worship Leader will be supervised by the Associate Pastor.


a. Has the desire and heart to lead God’s people in worship.

b. Has a life that reflects they have a relationship with Christ and is currently growing that relationship.

c. Has the ability to both give and receive feedback.


a. Is a skilled vocalist.

b. Can proficiently play an instrument on the worship team.

c. Can effectively lead the congregation through the worship order.

d. Build community and encourage the use of peoples’ gifts within corporate worship

e. Promote caring relationships within the various teams.


a. Oversee worship teams, their schedules, and their practices ensuring there is someone to lead worship each Sunday.

b. Learns and has a basic understanding of worship technology.

c. Help coordinate that the lyrics being sung reflect what is on the screen during Sunday morning worship.

d. Keep accurate records of current songs and the frequency they are sung.

e. Help worship team leaders select music appropriate for CRC.

f. Aid in the vision, planning, and leading of Christmas Eve and Easter services at the Charlevoix Middle/High School.

g. Be guided by CRC's Worship Values.

h. Seek out new individuals with gifts in the various creative arts.

i. Mentor and teach individuals (especially younger generations) in worship leadership.


This is a part-time position paid as a bi-weekly salary. This salary is based on 10 hours of work each week and can be re-evaluated on an annual basis.


DIrector of kitchen ministires

The Director of Kitchen Ministries oversees the commercial kitchen and the planning, preparation, and serving of meals at Community Reformed Church.


- Be a follower of Jesus Christ, and as such, should consistently seek to live by biblical standards, and agree to demonstrate unity within the church with a humble and teachable spirit.

- Ability to recruit and work with volunteers and staff. Basic knowledge and passion for cooking for large groups.


All CRC Staff

- Embrace and uphold the mission and values of CRC.

- Uphold and represent CRC's beliefs in all areas of one's personal and professional life.

- Attend weekly staff meetings

Kitchen Management

- Maintain and operate CRC's commercial kitchen within the requirements of both the Health Department of NW Michigan and Serve Safe standards.

- Take regular inventory and purchase supplies as needed. Examples include paper products, coffee, food for meals, kitchen equipment.

- Maintain and organize of kitchen equipment

Budgeting and Planning

- Work with the Senior Pastor to create an annual operating budget.

- Work with the Senior Pastor to create a meal plan/ schedule for Wednesday night meal sessions.

Meal Preparation and Serving

- Organize the preparation and serving meals for Wednesday night classes, monthly church breakfasts, leadership gatherings. and special events as needed.

- Organize and prepare for weekly Sunday coffee/summer treats Recruit volunteers as needed

- Act as a resource/advisor for funeral coordinator and other groups or organizations using the kitchen.


- Travel as needed to purchase meal supplies

- Paid mileage reimbursement


- Serve Safe Manager Certified or the willingness to become certified (church paid)

- Maintaining Serve Safe Manager Certification


This is a part-time, hourly position, Approximately 8 - 10 hours per week during Fall/Winter Sessions

Additional hours for other responsibilities

Approximately 350 total hours per year