On-Line Givings

Why do we offer an online giving option?

The online giving option is a simple, elegant solution whose time has come.  There are several advantages to offering this option to our churchgoers: 

Wide acceptance – Many people have indicated that the only checks they  write are the ones for church. They have switched to paying bills online for almost all other activities.  An option to give online is finding increasing acceptance by members at church.  

Stability in collections – Our online giving program offers a recurring giving  feature that allows online donors to schedule their church donations weekly, biweekly or monthly. When all the options to give are available and donors are free to set their own dates or days to give.  The online giving option allows those who leave for the winter or on vacations to continue to give to their home church regardless of where they are during the year. 

Online Giving:  We offer both online bank and credit card transfers.

Security – Online transactions, whether they are church donations or payments for a function such as banquets, auctions, or any fund raising event, are safe and secure. The credit card companies have developed comprehensive guidelines for merchants who accept credit cards. They are required to comply with these guidelines in order to be approved for accepting payments with credit cards.  The credit card transactions processed by companies that manage online transactions for the church has to comply with these standards and have to submit themselves to regular audits to test their internal processes and safeguards which makes them far more secure than dropping a check in the collection basket. 


Convenience – This is probably the biggest advantage for the family. You can schedule your donations at any time during the week from the convenience and safety of your homes. You do not have to be concerned about missing out on their commitment to the church if you cannot attend the services for any reason. You also do not have to worry about forgetting your checkbook or not having enough cash in your wallet when you go the church. You can also manage your budgets better since you will know exactly how much you are committing to during the year.