Worship leader

The Worship Leader will provide leadership by encouraging and developing the gifts of people within the church in a way that will enrich the worship of God corporately. The Worship Leader works in partnership with the staff and provides oversight of all worship teams and adheres to CRC’s worship values.

The Worship Leader will be supervised by the Associate Pastor.


a. Has the desire and heart to lead God’s people in worship.

b. Has a life that reflects they have a relationship with Christ and is currently growing that relationship.

c. Has the ability to both give and receive feedback.


a. Is a skilled vocalist.

b. Can proficiently play an instrument on the worship team.

c. Can effectively lead the congregation through the worship order.

d. Build community and encourage the use of peoples’ gifts within corporate worship

e. Promote caring relationships within the various teams.


a. Oversee worship teams, their schedules, and their practices ensuring there is someone to lead worship each Sunday.

b. Learns and has a basic understanding of worship technology.

c. Help coordinate that the lyrics being sung reflect what is on the screen during Sunday morning worship.

d. Keep accurate records of current songs and the frequency they are sung.

e. Help worship team leaders select music appropriate for CRC.

f. Aid in the vision, planning, and leading of Christmas Eve and Easter services at the Charlevoix Middle/High School.

g. Be guided by CRC's Worship Values.

h. Seek out new individuals with gifts in the various creative arts.

i. Mentor and teach individuals (especially younger generations) in worship leadership.


This is a part-time position paid as a bi-weekly salary. This salary is based on 10 hours of work each week and can be re-evaluated on an annual basis. There is also opportunity for this position to be combine with worship leading for a full-time position for the right person.


minister to youth

The Minister of Youth will provide leadership by developing, implementing and overseeing the youth ministries program of Community Reformed Church including all aspects of ministry to, with and by youth.

The Youth Minister will be supervised by the Senior Pastor. 


• Embodies God’s Word through daily living, exhibiting a good moral character and practicing regular Spiritual disciplines.

• A love and passion for young people, evangelism, and outreach.

• Has vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a youth ministry.

• Believes and upholds CRC’s beliefs in all areas of one’s personal and professional life.

• Experience working with adolescents and teenagers and an understanding of their needs and challenges.

• A willingness to grow and further their knowledge in the field.

• A team player who is supportive of all ministries of the church.

• The ability to give and receive feedback.

• A high school diploma, or college degree with a biblical focus is preferable.


• Self-motivated leader capable of creating and executing a long-term vision.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills.

• Strong organizational skills for managing events, programing, and teams of people.

• Maintain relational, spiritual, and professional trust with congregation and staff.

• Willingness to relate to the unique needs of teenagers in today's culture.

• Availability and flexibility to work evenings, weekends.


• To provide direction, oversight, and support for a comprehensive ministry program for students from grade five through twelve.

              This may include but not be limited to:

  • Sunday School and youth groups including bible teaching and application, discipleship, contemporary issues, etc.
  • Experiences designed to foster helpful social interaction, friendships and the enjoyment of life among students.
  • Experiences designed to encourage service for others in Christ’s name.
  • Curriculum and resource development.
  • Encouraging attendance at Christian camps, retreats and programs; and participation in ecumenical or community programs as appropriate.

• Create a safe and welcoming environment for youth ministry when gathered for teaching, worship, Bible studies, and outreach activities. 

• Enthusiastically recruit, train and support teams of lay volunteers to provide leadership for the various aspects of youth ministry in our church and community. 

• Be available to students on a personal basis, developing appropriate friendships and caring relationships, and being available to them and their families for support, prayer, and navigating difficult situations.

• Participate in the total life of the church and community so as to understand needs and develop relationships reflecting the love of Christ and this church’s commitment to be a positive influence for Christ.

• Facilitate a strong relationship with the youth and congregation of the church that allows for young people to see that they are a valuable part of the bigger church family. 

• Communicate consistently and clearly with students, parents, and the congregation.

• Advocate for students in the life of CRC and encourage student involvement in all aspects of church life as we seek to live into our mission "to help all people find and follow Jesus."

• Communicate and minister to parents so they stay connected to what is happening.

• Develop a Youth Ministry team that allows different ways for volunteers to contribute — from leading small groups, to providing hospitality, to planning events.

• Develop connections with local schools and community organizations with the purpose of reaching more people with the love of God by opening the doors for service opportunities in the community for the students to participate in.

• Develop an annual budget for the youth ministry.

• Assist the Lead Pastor as needed as other various tasks arise.


This is a part-time salary position paid bi-weekly. The salary is based on 20 hours of work each week and will be set depending on the candidate’s level of experience. There is also opportunity for this position to be combine with worship leading for a full-time position for the right person.