CRC Kids!

Our Children's Ministry loves kids!

We are committed to partnering with parents to see kids grow in relationships with Jesus, each other, and impact their world. Children are an important part of our church and they matter to God deeply. Recognizing this, kids and service to them are highly valued.

We recognize kids respond to creative and engaging activities. Children’s lifelong paths of spiritual growth is helped when they are receptive to learning, and we want them to look forward to attending. This means all children are greeted with love, accepted, and respected in a child-centered relational ministry.

Community Reformed Church’s teachers give our children experiences and Biblical lessons that will gradually help them process God’s principles and relate them to their everyday world. We desire to partner with families in their attempts to lay a spiritual foundation that, in God’s timing, will lead a child into a joyful lifelong relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our nursery is designed to provide a loving and safe environment for young children from birth through 3 years of age. Our nursery team is staffed by paid, screened caregivers who provide familiar faces week after week.

Parents may choose to have their 3 year-old attend the separate KidZone's preschool class on Sunday mornings or they are welcome to remain in the nursery.

We have one large play area plus two other separate areas for infants and parents, including one for nursing mothers. Parents of infants may choose to leave their children with the caregivers or may remain with their infant and listen to the message via an intercom.

Safety, security and nurturing are our priorities. Check-in procedures are in place to ensure communication with parents. Doors are locked and monitored. If your child needs you during the service, assigned numbers are used to contact parents via the electronic nursery display up front. Matching colored name tags are required upon picking up your child.

The nursery is overseen by the Children's Ministry Team and we welcome input from parents. We recognize that Jesus loves these little children and we want them to recognize that we love them also.

Nursery is available during all Worship Services and also during special events.