We want to help you stay connected even if you’re not able to attend the service on Sunday.  

Sometimes you have to miss church for a variety of reasons. Gathering together as a church body is essential; but, if that’s not an option, being able to listen to one of our sermons during your commute or while working at home can be powerful. Not only will  this help you feel more connected, but you will be able to jump right back in next week.

Even if you were in attendance for the sermon, it’s possible that you didn’t absorb everything.  Little ones fuss, minds wander, and sometimes the message is so deep that listening once is not enough. By recording each sermon, we hope you have the opportunity to go further into understanding the message of a sermon.

These recordings may also help you spread the Gospel! Will something that one of the messages said resonate with a friend in need? Recorded sermons become a tool for sending a friend an encouraging message.


Following jesus in anxious times - fall class

We will discuss some of the issues that are creating the anxiety and how we as followers of Jesus live out our faith in the midst of these anxiety-laden times.  This class is facilitated by Pastor Chip Sauer.