Worhsip VALUES

 We love and worship Jesus above all else.

  • There is nothing more important than our growing love and relationship with Jesus. We worship him all week with our whole lives.

We are worshipers not performers.

  • When we play, sing, or speak we know that our preferences, desires, and leanings are not the priority but rather we desire to bring glory to God by leading the people of God.

We create space for the Holy Spirit.

  • We provide space for the Holy Spirit to work by providing creative outlets in our worship services.

We are rooted and relevant.

  • We recognize that God has placed us all in a current time, place, and culture and it is important to reflect that culture we are speaking to; while simultaneously hold in tension the storied history in which we come from.

We care about those who are far from God.

  • Our language, music, and service are sensitive to those who do not know Jesus. We believe this is the heart of Jesus.

We hold high both Spirit and form.

  • As we enter into leading the people of God in worship, we come prepared while we simultaneously listen and trust the work of the Spirt.

We are stewards of content.

  • We will choose service elements that point us towards scripture, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, and the heart of Jesus Christ.

We believe music shares a story we are invited into.

  • We share truth with poetry and verse. We communicate doctrine with rhythm and rhyme. We share the good news of Jesus with melody and harmony.