Young life church PARTNER/youth minister - FULL TIME

Community Reformed Church in Charlevoix is actively seeking applicants for our full-time Young Life Church Partner/Youth Minister Position.  We are seeking a college-educated person with a heart for youth and young adults.  The position requires a commitment to relational ministry in partnership with Young Life in our community.  A job description and application are available on our website at  Questions? Contact Chip Sauer, chair of our search team, at (231)547-9482.


Minister of youth - Full Time






The Minister of Youth will provide leadership by developing, implementing and overseeing the youth ministries program including all aspects of ministry to, with and by youth. The Youth Minister will also serve on the volunteer leader team in Young Life, a ministry to high school and middle school students within our area as part of our commitment to care for all students in our area.


 The Youth Minister will report to the Senior Pastor.




         1.  To provide direction, oversight, and support for a comprehensive ministry program to, with and by students from grade five through mid-twenties.

               This may include but not be limited to:

               a.  Sunday School and youth groups including bible teaching and application, discipleship, contemporary issues, etc.

               b.  Experiences designed to foster helpful social interaction, friendships and the enjoyment of life among students.

               c.  Experiences designed to encourage service for others in Christ’s name.

               d.  Curriculum and resource development.

               e.  Encouraging attendance at Christian camps, retreats and programs; and participation in ecumenical or community programs as appropriate.


         2.  To enthusiastically recruit, train and support teams of lay volunteers to provide leadership for the various aspects of youth ministry in our church and community.


         3.  To develop a discipleship program designed to assist students in making personal commitments to Christ and becoming active members of the church.


         4.  To be available to students on a personal basis, developing appropriate friendships and caring relationships, and being available to them and their families for support, prayer, and navigating difficult situations.


         5.  To serve as the chair of the Youth Advisory Team and a staff resource person on the Spiritual Formation Team, working closely with them to evaluate and implement programs and allocate resources.  Be available at the direction of the Senior Pastor for ministry in other areas of the church’s spiritual formation ministry.


         6.  To participate in the total life of the church and community so as to understand needs and develop relationships reflecting the love of Christ and this church’s commitment to be a positive influence for Christ in this area.


         7.  To develop student leadership appropriate to each age level.


         8.  To coordinate the training of students for local and worldwide outreach including outreach to peers and a commitment to world mission.  This will include fostering a Christian world-view among students.


         9.  To provide help toward the transitions between the various developmental stages of adolescence and as these impact the youth ministry program.  Particular attention will be given to transitions into middle school, high school and college or work responsibilities.


         10. To develop a ministry of caring on behalf of the church toward college students living away from home and post-high school young adults in our community.


         11.  To communicate consistently and clearly with students, parents, and the



         12.  To be an advocate for students in the life of CRC  to encourage student involvement in all aspects of church life as we seek to live into our mission "to help all people find and follow Jesus."




         1.  Shall work in cooperation with all program and support staff, respecting the bounds of each person’s area of responsibility.


Shall attend all staff meetings and all Consistory meetings as directed by the Senior Pastor.  Shall coordinate vacation or other leaves with the Senior Pastor.


This position will normally be filled by a college graduate. 


Some theological/biblical training is preferred. Ordination is not required.


         5.  Empathy with the needs of young people is essential, coupled with maturity.


         6.  An openness and ability to work in this position for at least three years is highly desirable.


         7.  A fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, living a lifestyle consistent with the

            Gospel while embracing the mission, vision, & values of Community Reformed



This is a full-time position at CRC.