Senior pastor EVALUATION

 Pastor Chip and the Executive Committee are asking for your participation in his annual review process.  Your input can be very valuable.  The purpose of consistent evaluations is to foster growth, communication, and professional development in our staff.  We owe it to him to provide annual performance reviews to provide appropriate affirmation, help set goals, review areas of concern, and determine adjustments in compensation.  These annual evaluations DO NOT take the place of consistent communication and feedback with leadership on a regular basis.  They provide a chance to look back and review the past year while also helping Pastor set goals for the upcoming year.


You can fill out the form online by clicking here. You can also pick up a form at the outdoor service on Sunday’s or by contacting the church office at 231-547-9482.


Please prayerfully complete this vital tool for the life of our church.


Your evaluation needs to be returned by October 18.